Believe it or not...

You’ll have no other choice than to believe it!  Simply because I’m submitting all the proofs.  This page together with the ‘evidence‘ page will show you the most remarkable episodes of the Las Vegas case.  It will become clear why they say: 
“what happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas”
First, you must know that the Judges are ‘elected’, elected by the local civilians in that state.  Obvious, the Judge with the best campaign and with the biggest sponsors will ‘win’ the election and has the most chance to be (re) elected.  The list on the Internet  00_DC-12_MAHAN_R1.pdf shows that the Casino Hotels in Las Vegas (being Tellers work aria) are the biggest sponsors. Most of the law offices are also sponsoring the judges in their election campaigns.      Like I said... very different to a Belgian or European Court system.   
Another ‘odd’ American way of ‘proceeding’ is that the USA Court publishes all Court documents (complaints-answers-motions-replies-exhibits- etc..) on the Court’s official website. This website is called PACER, accessible for anyone, in this way the proceeding is an ‘open‘ book to the public and press.   
The documents shown on ‘myfreedomofspeech’ website are originals and exactly the same as the ones to be found on the PACER website.
I learned that the way proceedings are done in the USA are different to the European Court system.  I was confronted with a ‘discovery’ and a ‘deposition’.  Before going to trial the parties have the opportunity to ‘discover’ what the other party has against you in ‘pen and ink’.  Then after this is finished there is the ‘deposition’, the party can then ‘interrogate’ the other party to close the discovery in general.  
         “I was quite impressed by the interrogation”.
Yes, I was, and you would be to... believe me.
The interrogation took place in a lawyer’s office in Antwerp and took 7 (seven) hours, in a way that I have seen in American TV series.  On my right-hand side sat the legal interpreter (flown in from Amsterdam), on my left there was the USA Court reporter (flown in from California) typing the whole interrogation, in front of me was the camera and cameraman (flown in from London) who video-taped the complete 7 hours.  Also in the room there was Teller’s attorney from Brussels and on the speakerphone the  ‘voice’ of Mr. Tratos, Teller’s Las Vegas attorney, doing the interrogation. 
All this for a tiny rose that falls apart in a surrealistic magical illusion… 
Since both parties have the same rights and since I’m defending myself without a lawyer, I’ve had the opportunity to ‘interrogate’ Mr. Teller, in Las Vegas. This time I was on the speakerphone for 4 hours. Afterwards I received the transcript and videotape from the local Court reporter and cameraman.
I will show you the most remarkable fragments of the ‘discovery’ and ‘deposition’. Some of them do form ‘hard evidence’ for my case. 
Looking back, I think that the American way of litigation could work... if the attorneys would respect it.  I believe I do not have to explain to you that  ‘tricky’ lawyers easily transform the discovery and deposition into a cat and mouse - catch me if you can game with one intention only: trap the other person and make him say something that he does not intend to say and on the other hand, evade an answer by  ‘objecting‘ as much as possible and if that is not possible just answer nonsense.   
Nevertheless, it was useful for me. It was not easy, especially as ‘pro-se’, to get the answers to my questions but I’m convinced that I collected enough ‘answers’ to prove that I did no wrong and that Teller’s complaint is unfounded as you can read in the evidence page. 
Further, believe it or not, the evidence will show you that Mr. Teller and his attorneys instructed their witnesses what to say, to do and to write.  You will see that Mr. Teller asked others to write Teller friendly comments on Internet forums and to remove some YouTube videos as they could be used by me to prove to the Court that Tellers illusion became a manufactured and standard illusion years ago.  Afterwards Mr. Teller rewarded his witnesses for their ‘silent’ co-operation as shown in the evidence. 
Once again… all this for a tiny rose that falls apart in a surrealistic magical illusion… 
These kind of procedural tactics are violating my rights to a fair trial and would not be tolerated if practiced that way in a European Court.  On the Internet I learned that these actions, in some States of America, are considered as ‘felonies’ and can result in a jail sentence, see internet link.              
Although I reported these ‘felonies’ to the Las Vegas Court and filed several motions to the Las Vegas Judge requesting legal sanctions, the Judge ordered ‘negative’...denying my motion.
I have spoken with several ‘law’ specialists and they all tell me the same...  this is only possible in Las Vegas. 
As mentioned before, the American way is very different.   
   ”Still, I believe in justice…                         
              and in my freedom of speech.”  

The old saying from the Wild Far West  “What happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas”, could work...if the World Wide Web internet was not there!
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