After reading this page you’ll probably understand why some people on the Internet forums find that Teller is a hypocrite and why P& Teller are called ‘the Bad Boys’.

As you can see, the day that Teller filed the original complaint, April 11th 2012, the press and Internet became overloaded with multiple sympathy seeking interviews given by Mr. Teller, stating that he was a victim of a crook or thief called Gerard Bakardy who stole his magic trick or exposed the secret of Teller’s shadows illusion. 

”In contrast to what Teller likes you to believe, 
           the illusion is not exclusively Tellers”.

Well, you will see that it’s not Bakardy but many others who are performing, buying, selling or building and teaching how to built the ‘prop‘ to make a rose falling apart, with or without a shadow.

Hereunder a few of the video-links I found on the Internet. Anyone can see that the shadow illusion has become a standard and manufactured magic trick in the repertoire of many. (Hector, Petros, ALSmagic, etc.)   (Hector @ 2min30)

The prop or method to make a rose fall apart without touching it is sold, (new and second hand), rented and performed. There’s even an instruction YouTube video ‘how to built the prop’, as you can see in the links below:,44                                 
The WWW Internet has no secrets and was a great source for me to collect the evidence to prove to the Las Vegas Court and Jury that Mr. Teller’s copyright is doubtful since he is not the only one who is exclusively performing the shadow illusion in contrast to what he’s saying. 

“The facts are what they are, the supposed ‘exclusive’ shadow illusion is performed and sold worldwide ”

Despite Mr. Teller instructing others to remove their videos from the Internet, despite some of the performers in these videos receiving a license from Mr. Teller to perform their illusion it will not change the facts. The facts are what they are. The illusion is sold and performed worldwide.  Even such a famous magician as Teller cannot turn the ‘real’ Internet clock backwards... 

Let’s have a look ‘backstage’ !!  

During the proceedings I ‘discovered’ that Teller ‘approached’ other performers (eg. Hector) to help him in the litigation. Teller instructed Hector to remove his YouTube videos from the Internet, It’s obvious that Hector’s videos were not in Tellers favor; on the contrary they prove to the Court that Tellers ‘copyright’ is doubtful.   

Teller’s e-mails to Hector speak for themselves and show that Teller is fully aware that the shadow illusion became a standard manufactured illusion and that the ‘prop’ needed to perform this illusion is sold worldwide.    See emails hereunder:

What actually happened is that Teller, in 'conspiracy' with Hector, made material evidence disappear, which was in favor of Bakardy. By doing so Teller, his attorney and also Hector were fiddling with evidence.
Furthermore, Teller dictated a text to Hector, (obviously in favor of Teller) which Hector had to write on a magic forum of The Magic Café. 

By creating this 'unreal' comments Teller not only ‘steers’ the discussion on the forum for magicians in his favor, but also the procedure itself. It is disappointing to see that successful magicians such as Teller apply underhanded and sneaky practices as such, and that Hector is blindly eating out of the hand that feeds him...  

In any case, Hectors words,
" and I live by my word ... " 
are no more than hollow words, worthless and lies. Hector writes exactly what Teller instructed him to write. 
The question remains: how many more texts were dictated by Teller on this kind of forums for magicians, such as the Magic Cafe forum..? 

For sure we know that Hector’s chats are not Hector’s but Teller’s. As showed in the emails hereunder:

Hereunder you can see that Hector is obeying Teller ‘a la minute’ and writes the instructed texts on the (green) Magic Café forum stating that he is a man who lives by his word… probably he meant Tellers word!
In Antwerp this is not called a man …but a spineless liar. Up until today the Magic Café forum is still showing the Teller- friendly comments by ‘Hector’…  or better… by Teller himself.    

Hector did exactly what Teller asked him to do and promised to keep all this confidential, as a secret. Afterwards Teller rewarded Hector for his ‘silence’ and cooperation with some free tickets for the Penn & Teller show for Hector and his friends.   As you can see hereunder…

When Mr. Teller realized that even a famous magician has difficulties to hide the facts on the fast Internet, he decided to ‘hand‘ a license to Hector, for $100.    This is not really my concern but I wonder whether the license is valid, since Mr. Teller has no copyright on the illusion as performed by Hector.  To my opinion, one cannot ‘give’ away what doesn’t belong to him in the first place.      What concerns me is that I’m entitled to have a fair trial.  

I believe that destroying (the other parties) evidence is called spoliation and this is worse than ‘bad boys behavior’ and is considered as a felony. Therefore, I reported Mr. Teller and his attorney’s behavior to the Las Vegas Court and requested for legal sanctions.   Click  doc 143.pdf & 54 exhibits - 85 pages.pdf  to read my motion to the Las Vegas Court.

Penn & Teller are known as ‘the bad boys’ for different reasons. Any magician knows that…

“The one who reveals or exposes an illusion 
                is not an illusionist but a… 
									                Dis-illusionist ! ”

Unfortunately, the most valuable magic secrets were revealed and exposed for many years by Penn & Teller as showed on the internet links below.  These ar just a few of the many Penn & Teller revealings.
How to devide a person in 2 
How to devide a person in 3      
How to vanish a silk  @ min47
How to do  Cups & Balls  

Knowing that Penn & Teller built their career, without any respect for the hard working magicians, by revealing the expensive illusions they bought, making it impossible for them to perform the exposed illusions in their own shows, I understand why some people think that it is a hypocrite thing to blame Gerard Bakardy for revealing the ‘shadows’ illusion. 
On top of this, it’s unfair since Bakardy never revealed any illusion. Not Bakardy but others do reveal how the prop works to make a rose falling apart.    
During the deposition Teller tried his best to convince me that the Penn & Teller exposures / revealing do not cause any damage… I didn’t buy it. 
But Teller is entitled to his opinion. And so am I, and in my opinion this is the biggest bullshit I have ever heard and a weak attempt to condone his misbehaving.      
It does not need a long plea to understand that revealing magical tricks / illusions will result in less income, not only for the hard working magician, but as well for the magic store / dealer and prop manufacturers unable to sell their ‘stock’.    A ‘false’ exposure, or a ‘fake’ revealing (from Penn & Teller or anyone else) is no excuse but also harmful and injurious since only a magician will recognize that it is not a ‘real’ revealing.  The spectator in the theater does not know the difference between real or fake exposures. Worse, the theater manager who doesn’t know whether a revealing is fake or real will not get excited to hire an illusionist to fill up his theater showing outdated revealed (dis) illusions. 
That’s my opinion; the one not agreeing doesn’t get it, or must be a ‘blind’ fan from Teller.
If you wish, you can share your opinion on the forum …     
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   Here some more hard hitting evidence
          in the Las Vegas proceedings…

Evidence 1. 	This is the most incredible, unbelievable episode, but true story in the Las Vegas proceeding.  On August 6th, 2013 Bakardy filed an ‘urgent motion’ to dismiss the case in favor of Bakardy and for sanctions against Teller for tampering and spoliation on evidence and bribing witnesses. In this motion Bakardy proves that a Spanish magician called Hector was instructed by Teller to destroy or make disappear important evidence for Bakardy.  Hector is one of the many, just like Teller, who performs an illusion with a rose that falls apart in several videos on YouTube. Or better, used to show this in several YouTube videos.  
The e-mails from Teller to Hector do show that Teller is clearly aware that Hector’s videos are proving that Teller is not the exclusive and only performer of the illusion and that’s why Teller instructed Hector to remove his videos from YouTube.  Teller is fully aware that the illusion became a standard manufactured illusion, sold and performed by many. That’s the reason why Hector was instructed to remove his You-Tube videos!
Multiple witnesses (also Belgian) were rewarded for writing and doing what Teller instructed them to.  Bakardy’s motion doc 143.pdf to the Las Vegas Court is based on impressive evidence 54 exhibits - 85 pages.pdf 
According to many it’s impossible to continue the proceedings since it would be an incredible judicial error if the Court denied this motion. 
Read in evidence 12 hereunder the unbelievable way this story continues

Evidence 2.	In Bakardy’s reply/answer the evidence is overwhelming and shows clearly that the Bakardy illusion is ‘new’ and different from Tellers, further it becomes clear that Teller’s copyright is doubtful and, on top, that magic illusions are not protected by a copyright.   Click Tellers offer.pdf to read Tellers e-mail offering Bakardy $15.000 to gain exclusive possession of Bakardy’s method.  During the deposition Teller states that he never performed the illusion as Bakardy does and that actually nobody ever performed the illusion as Bakardy does as you can read my entire answer  151.pdf  &  53 exhibits 138 blz - Copyright infringement.pdf filed in the Las Vegas Court on August 15th, 2013 (Courts website PACER #151).

Evidence 3.	On April 11th, 2012 Teller filed the original complaint for copyright infringement and unfair competition in the Las Vegas Court. (#1 on the PACER website). This complaint was published and contains documents / screenshots showing my name and picture, against my will and without my approval, right under Tellers favorite web links on a toolbar on Tellers computer. Most of these web links (mantube, Corbin, CFSelect, 2Long, Tyler) are referring to pornographic sites for gay’s showing pictures and videos wherein some of the actors look childish and very young. 
I do not want to be associated with pervert porn as such since it is something I abhor.   The entire complaint including the exhibits was published on the Internet, seen and downloaded by millions. Since my website ‘myfreedomofspeech’ is intended to clear my name you’ll understand that I’m not publishing these documents again.

Evidence 4.     Click  e-mails.pdf  to see the original email traffic between Bakardy and Teller  regarding the defaming exhibits filed by Teller.

Evidence 5.	Bakardy, a Belgian (Antwerp) magician for the first time in his life is defending himself as pro-se, without lawyer, against the best lawyers of the USA representing Teller.  Click Answer to complaint - 21 Oct 2012.pdf & !Exhibits-30pages redacted.pdf to read my first (unprofessional but brave) answer / document or go to the PACER website #39.  

Evidence 6.	It seems that Bakardy’s evidence is scaring Teller to continue the proceedings in the way he started, demanding a Jury trial. In contrast to Teller’s first demand he is now filing one motion after the other requesting the Court for a summary judgment (without a jury). To read Tellers motions filed on July 8th, 2013 go to PACER #121,122,123, or click  DOC 121.pdf 122-main.pdf  DOC 123.pdf To read Bakardy’s answers go to PACER # 133, 150, 151  or click  DOC 133  44 pages Dogge's reply-opposition to doc121.pdf & DOC 133  37 exhibits - 67 pages.pdf   &  DOC 150.pdf, &  DOC 151.pdf   

Evidence 7.   On 1st of July 2013, I had the chance to interrogate Teller in the deposition in the same way Teller lawyers interrogated me some weeks earlier.  Believe me, this was the first (and hopefully the last) time in my life that I do an ‘under oath’ deposition.  Most of the time it was boring because Teller (assisted by his attorney) did all possible not to come to the point and most of his answers were evasive.  I like to show you the most interesting fragments of the 5-hour deposition. Weird, but the Court reporters transcript does not confirm the video recording of the deposition and I’m still waiting for a complete and correct transcript from the Court reporter.  After I have selected the right video fragments I will upload them on this website. Some fragments in Tellers deposition were quite interesting, click TELLERS DEPOSITION.pdf  to read the  until now incomplete transcript.

Evidence 8.	Teller manipulates-alters legal exhibits and make believe that the exhibits are true and original.  After he grayed-out his favorite web links on the toolbar he swaps the ‘old’ original filed exhibits with the ‘new’ altered ones.  To see Teller’s altered  ‘new’ exhibits in the complaint re-filed on April 25th, 2012, go to PACER #5, or click Teller v. Dogge Complaint 25.04.2012.pdf .

Evidence 9.	Teller is misleading the Court stating that the altered documents are true screenshots and showing a veracious, true and real image of his computer. Since this isn’t the case, I filed a motion to the Las Vegas Court to reject the altered or manipulated ‘new’ exhibits out of the proceedings.     It’s unbelievable, but although it is very clear that someone removed his DNA from the legal evidence that was originally filed 2 weeks earlier and that the original screenshots were swapped with changed or altered pictures, the Court denied my motion and prefers to continue the proceedings with altered evidence.  To read Bakardy’s motion and the Las Vegas Court’s order go to PACER #88, & #109 or click 88.pdf  &  Order 109.pdf .   

Evidence 10.	This true episode is too long to summarize in a few lines and will cost you some effort to read it, but it is a true and exciting thriller in the proceedings. 
During the discovery Teller and his attorneys assert that they ‘forgot’ to download Bakardy’s YouTube video before they ordered a takedown. In this way they made up a clever excuse for requesting the Court to order Bakardy to hand over his computer.
This way they can research Bakardy’s computer hoping to find Bakardy’s video as the ‘forgotten’ key evidence for Teller and to find out how Bakardy’s illusion works.
Bakardy responds that it is not him who needs to organize the other parties’ evidence but that they need to do this themselves. Further Bakardy is unable to produce the video at issue since he didn’t keep it in his files.
After both parties were ordered by the Judge to request the ‘missing’ video directly by Google-YouTube, Teller stated that he tried but did not get any response from Google. Weird, since Bakardy’s requests to YouTube were all answered within 24 hours.  
When Bakardy informed the Court confronting Teller with his weird story, that same day Google answers… coincidence. 
It is a long and unbelievable episode in the proceeding that ends with a Court hearing wherein the Judge warns Bakardy that he will be convicted and that the Court will end the proceedings in favor of Teller if Bakardy does not obey the Courts order to hand over his computer to Tellers attorney’s.  
Bakardy is disobedient and does not hand-over his personal computer to the plaintiff, Teller. In contrast to the Judges previous threats, the Judge did not end the proceedings (straight away) in favor of Teller but ordered YouTube-Google to produce Bakardy’s YouTube video. A few days after Teller got the ‘missing videos from Google.   
It seems to me that the Judge realized that Teller did not really forget to download the most important ‘key’ evidence but that this was just a clever excuse to go on a ‘fishing expedition’ in Bakardy’s personal computer and to find out how Bakardy’s illusion works.
Hundreds of pages in multiple motions and answers were spilled on this episode and it will cost you a lot of courage to read all this, but if you’re really interested go to PACER #74 & #90, or click DOC 74-main.pdf  &  90.pdf.                                                                                                                             

Evidence 11.	Because of Tellers many contradictory answers during the discovery I suspect that Teller is lying and that he has the Bakardy videos in his computer. When Bakardy filed a motion to do a judicial investigation on Teller’s computers, Teller responds in an unexpected way. He did not respond with ‘I have nothing to fear, here are my computers’, no… he requests the Las Vegas Court to ‘strike’ Bakardy’s motion.  (PACER #94, #95)  94.pdf & 95.pdf  Although Bakardy was legally entitled to reply on Tellers response, he was not given time to do so.  Without giving Bakardy the chance to reply the Las Vegas Court granted Tellers motion to strike. (PACER #100)  or click 100.pdf I learned that striking does not only mean that the Court doesn’t take any further action, but also that all motions and requests at issue filed to the Court and published on PACER (#84 & #85) disappear from PACER.     In Antwerp people call this an example of  ‘cover-up’ operation…  I will uncover and publish the original motions after the Antwerp proceeding is finished.  

Evidence 12.	This is a sequel from the most incredible, unbelievable episode (evidence 1)!!  It gets more unbelievable !!
This is probably the most unexpected coincidence in the proceedings…    Normally the Judge responds within 3 days on an emergency motion, so I started wondering why the Las Vegas Judge did not respond to my emergency motion and noticed that my most important and urgent motion  (as described here above in evidence 1) was wrongly ranked and wrongly indexed by the Court clerk.    More than likely this was the reason that the Judge was not aware of my motion and therefore he did not respond to my emergency motion.    
Luckily, I became aware of the clerk’s  ‘mistake’. 
Realizing and being scared that this most important emergency motion could be further ‘lost’ in the Las Vegas Court I filed a new emergency motion on September 23rd 2013.  The motion is called ‘EMERGENCY MOTION TO GUARANTEE THE INTEGRITY OF THE PROCEEDINGS’. To see on PACER #165 or by clicking 165.pdf.  I understand that motions as such are superfluous in a fair trial, but also Court clerks can be mistaken…
I’m aware that some of my motions and replies are very confrontational for the Las Vegas Court and for Teller’s best attorneys of the USA, but the fear of not having a fair trial was growing during the proceedings and forced me to file such motions. 
Still, a ‘confronting’ motion does not guarantee a fair trial or a positive judgment.  By the way, it seems that Teller and his attorneys ‘misbehaving’ is tolerated by the Court since Bakardy’s motion was denied. To read the Court’s Order go to PACER #169, or click ORDER 169.pdf   

Congratulations  & Thanks !
Yes indeed, I like to thank you for reading all this sh.. . It shows that you, just as I, can’t stand injustice. 
You probably noticed that this is a very unusual story and that I pursue it as doggedly as a ‘pit-bull’ and I do not intent to let go until my name is cleared and until the truth is told in this situation.  
Knowing that in Las Vegas the Penn & Teller shows are promoted by immensely grand billboards, on taxi’s and buses, it will not be easy for the Jury to be impartial.    However, I will pull out all the stops and convince the jury of my innocence.
I look forward to meet the witnesses approached by Teller, I have some questions for them to answer and it’s going to be interesting for the Jury.

I will keep you informed. The   "myfreedomofspeech" website will be updated regularly!

As you could read already on this website and in the media, the Las Vegas Judge ordered in favor of Teller, without any hearing. Also this time the judge gave me no chance to do my pleadings nor to inform the jury regarding the real facts in this litigation.  I was not really surprised by this Courts order, since the judge had warned me months before that I would face a conviction if I did not hand my personal computer to Teller…
A Google search showed me that the integrity of the Las Vegas Judge Mahan is questionable and that this is not the first time that he is ruling orders in such a ‘weird’ way. Click MAHAN ARTIKELS.pdf to know more about the Las Vegas Judge Mahan. 
After all I experienced, I understand why the Las Vegas Courts are considered as the ‘circus’ Courts of the USA and why the newspapers published articles titled: 
“In Las Vegas
They’re Playing With a Stacked Judicial Deck” 

Which is not really an ‘honorable’ thing to do. Whenever there comes another hearing in this Las Vegas litigation, I feel that it’s going to be difficult for me to call the judge ‘Your Honor’…  
Please feel free to share your ‘judgment’ or your freedom of speech on the forum… 

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