About What...

It’s all about a magical illusion. A magic trick with a tiny rose, dropping it’s petals and leaves  without the magician touching it.

Some illusionists are ‘acting’ that this all happens on their command. Some magicians draw a rose on a white board and while they erase the leaves in the drawing the real rose drops the real petals. Other performers light up the rose with a spotlight and do a similar thing, acting to ‘cut’ into the ‘shadow’ of the rose to drop the real petals. Another illusionist does it by ‘blowing’ to the rose’s shadow. A beautiful illusion. 
I noticed that each performer found his own way to perform the ‘act’ but all using the same non transparent (white colored) vase. Not one of them shows what happens on the inside of the vase, nor removes the rose stem nor the vase. Still, a beautiful illusion.   
   “when the secret of an illusion is exposed...
               it becomes a  dis-illusion...”
Unfortunately, also this beautiful illusion became a dis-illusion. This time not revealed or exposed by Penn & Teller, but by others. On the internet people show how to build the ‘prop’ needed to perform this illusion. When you’re not that ‘handy’ you can buy or rent the prop on the www internet.
All this motivated me to give a new dimension to a 40 years old obsolete   dis-illusion. The result was that I developed a ‘prop’ that allows the ‘illusionist’ to act that he is in command of the rose and her petals  without touching it …in a transparent way!
When it comes to Magic, transparent is MORE magic, because anyone can see that there are no hidden techniques (eg. In the vase). In contrast to the ‘old’ illusion the rose stem is completely 100% visible, in a crystal clear transparent bottle. On top of this the bottle is filled with water. 
In contrast to the old and exposed illusion, wherein all illusionists anxiously hide what’s in their vase, my creation allows the ‘illusionist’ to show what’s in the bottle or vase and allows him to remove the rose stem and bottle to pour the water out of the bottle at the end of the illusion, proving that everything is separate from each other. When I asked Mr. Teller if he ever saw this transparent illusion before he replied that this was never performed in such a way, by no one. Neither by himself. (see evidence2)
Gerard Bakardy, the inventor of this new method or ‘prop’ uploaded a YouTube video showing his ‘act’ with a removable and 100% visible rose standing in a water filled, transparent ordinary Coca Cola bottle. All this is to be seen in the shadow. Without touching the ‘real’ rose Bakardy cuts in the shadow and the petals drop from the real rose. 
Gerard Bakardy not only surpassed the ‘old’ illusion but managed to turn a dis-illusion again into an illusion. 
         What is That Worth ??
In the magic store these kind of illusions are sold for about  $ 3000. Also Bakardy wanted to sell his invention and uploaded a YouTube video. The YouTube video did not last long.  One of the performers of the old illusion, Mr. Teller  noticed the video and contacted me. First he offered me $15.000 for exclusive possession of all the legal rights of my new ‘prop’ or ‘method‘. After a while he offered me $40.000 going up to $125.000 if I was willing to sell my invention exclusively to him. (evidence)     
A bit later Mr. Teller changed his mind and filed a complaint in the Las Vegas Court for copyright infringement and unfair competition. On request of Mr. Teller YouTube  removed Bakardy’s video that same week.
Bakardy’s illusion will be remembered as...
       $ 1.000.000.
                                Illusion !
After  2 years of litigation the Las Vegas judge ordered Bakardy to pay $30.000 in favour of Teller plus his attorney’s fees because the Court conciders Bakardys Youtube video ( having 14 views) as an infringement on Tellers copyright. 
Tellers attorney, Tratos, immediately sent a letter to Bakardy mentioning his fees... $ 700.000 and stating that Teller wants to continue the proceedings to get rewarded for damages regarding unfair competition and wilfully harm. 

I presume that the total bill will be over $ 1.000.000.!   I can imagine that Tellers attorneys are exited and happy to bill these kind of amounts and I hope for them that they gonna get payed by their client.
To execute the Las Vegas order and to make Bakardy pay for this decadent litigation the American order has to be enforced by the Belgian Court, which will, of course, ratify and compare the Las Vegas order with the European - Belgian law.
Apparently Teller knew that (his) magic tricks/illusions are not protected by copyright and therefore he did not register ‘shadows’ as a magic illusion bud as...
                     a   Dramatic    play...
The Las Vegas Court order ignores the fraudulent Copyright registration of Teller and is in contradiction with the rules of the USA Copyright office of Washington stating very clearly that magic illusions can not be protected by a copyright. 
During the Vegas proceedings happened a lot...an awefull lot !  Some of Tellers actions forced me to file a complaint against him in the Antwerp Court.  
At the end Teller was right, after 40 years performing a ridicilous magic illusion with a tiny rose became a dramatic play.  

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